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A Letter to the Church: Alexia Salvatierra
"[T]hat's always what Jesus is like. You run in...everybody else is running out, and you run in. But really there's no place to run away to, right? There's no real…
A Letter to the Church: Mari Andrew
"I'm always on the search to make everything I do a bit more meaningful. And I think that ritual really just infuses life with meaning. It's like the cheat code…
A Letter to the Church: Phillis Sheppard
"This is not the time for the church—or for us individually—to throw in the towel. This is the time for us to show up, probably more than we ever have before."
A Letter to the Church: Dominique Gilliard
"[F]or far too long we have been content with a lukewarm expression of faith that is incapable of changing broken systems, structures, and relationships."
A Letter to the Church: Elizabeth Pierre
"[A]s humans we're so afraid of our shadow, our brokenness, that we hide it away from others and then from ourselves, but we're reenacting that shadow in different ways. And I believe that it's okay to acknowledge the shadow [and] acknowledge the brokenness before Christ and others so that healing can come. There is no shame."
A Letter to the Church: Jeff Chu
"We got this invitation from God to this great feast, and somehow along the way we got the idea that we were supposed to be the bouncers, when in fact we're the guests."