Our Leadership Team

At ResCov, we operate on a Leadership Team model of governance. This model intends to be responsive and agile, empowering a small group of lay leaders to make decisions on a variety of routine matters related to the day-to-day operations of the church. Our hope is not that the leadership team will simply manage things from the top-down. While they do act as trustees of the church’s resources, their most important role is to inspire and excite growth from the entire community in our worship, discipleship, mission, and community. The members of the Leadership Team are elected to terms with a set number of years, and are affirmed in these positions by the entire membership of the church. Please feel free to call upon any of these individuals with questions, ideas, suggestions, or concerns.

The Leadership Team includes:  Marit Awes (Chair), Carissa Gomez (Vice Chair), Anne Wong (Financial Team Liaison), Alli Halvorsen (Secretary), Sara Dinges, Maria Dahlstrom,  and John Knoff.